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Oykel Bridge Hogmanay 2016


Below Oykel Bridge

Oykel Rods for 2017


The Oykel Range of Salmon Rods-14’6″- 13’6″-11’6″-9″
The 14’6″ Oykel
The Oykel range of salmon rods are completely suitable for any angler to achieve the best possible results in any conditions that arises whilst participating in the sport that we all love and feel passionate about.
The 14’6″ was designed to be powerful and capable of achieving that long line that sometimes is necessary, and an advantage to cover that otherwise illusive fish, on the other side of the river.  Equally in low water conditions this rod performs well when it is desirable to drop down a line size.
It may be slightly heavier than the average modern carbon rod, but 12 ozs, to my mind is not a heavy rod, and is well justified by the extra performance that this rod produces.  Its reel holding capacity for example allows one to use old reels with a large seat, a nice attribute for those of us who like to use our old Hardy Perfect from time to time.  The 14’6″ handles a sunken line and large flies with ease, all in all making this rod very capable and compatible.
The 13’6″ Oykel
The 13’6″ is the 4th rod that Bruce and Walker have produced for me to my own specifications. It was a year from concept to river bank, to get it exactly as I wanted it. Using the very latest mix of carbons and resins, combined with specific tapers, to produce even greater results than I could imagine;
The 13’6″ is not a rod for tournament casting or extreme distance; instead it is a rod for complete relaxation whilst at the same time achieving the perfect distance and a range of casting options, effortlessly. As per my instructions to B&W, it has an all through action just like Greenheart, which of course was the rod I used in my younger days. They were very powerful and would allow you to get your fly exactly where you wanted, without much bother, provided you had the strength to wield it all day! Now this relaxing action combined with the lightness, and technology of modern materials makes it possible to generate and achieve even more power effortlessly all day long, with accuracy and very delicate presentation. Although I say so myself, it really is a dream come true, and not only that, it is hand made in Great Britain.

The 11’6″ Oykel
By popular demand, many anglers have suggested that the introduction of an in-between size rod would be a benefit to anglers in general.  With this in mind it has given me a lot of pleasure to spend my time, and give attention to, the detail of such a rod.
There is little doubt in my mind that the quality of carbon fibre has improved out of all recognition since the first carbon fibre rod was made, it is for this reason that very often I find myself using a rod that is much too long and over powered for the job I am doing.  So my view now is, why not take advantage of modern technology and size down to the 11’6″ Oykel which is capable of achieving amazing results with the use of best quality, High Modulus and High Density carbon fibre.  After putting the 11’6? through some rigorous testing, against some other well known brands, the Oykel performed in a way that I would find difficult, if not impossible, to surpass with any other rod.
The Oykel 11’6? will handle all lines, floating, sinking or intermediate.  Although it is rated for #7-8 lines, my personal experience is that it copes well with quite a variation of line sizes; however it was always my intention that it should be, and is, particularly suited to a floating line, which makes it well suited to ladies and young people at the beginning of their fishing career.
The 9′ Oykel
Over decades it has become apparent to me that many anglers are missing chances of catching fish in low water, simple because they do not change to low water tackle and tactics;  I simply cannot over emphasize the importance of stealth and delicate presentation as been of critical importance in low water salmon fishing.
With this in mind I have produced the 9′ Oykel, #7 line, specifically for those low water periods when we need as much help as possible from our tackle, to give us that little bit of extra finesse that can sometimes bring another fish to the bank, which might otherwise have remained elusive.  The 9′ Oykel is a single handed rod with lots of power and performance for its length, and extremely popular with those who use it.

The Oykel 11’6″ has been the most popular.

I am grateful to all who have supported OSFT and look forward to seeing everyone in 2017.