A Slow Start to the Salmon fishing, and to me personally a devastating blow to begin the 2017 season.

Little did I think when I met up with Irene Finney in 1967 that on the 4th of October 1968 we would marry.  However, that we did, and after leaving Wedgewood’s in Staffordshire as a Figure maker, that one day she would become such a well-known Salmon Fly tier, supplying clients worldwide, and known to tie as many as 100 flies in a day!

Shortly after our marriage I introduced her to trout fishing, I can remember well taking her out in a boat for about a couple of hours until dusk on a summers evening; in no time she had a number of trout in the boat and ended up with several for the evening.  Her comment was brief and to the point as it usually was!  “Thank you, too easy, not for me” she never cast a fly on the water again.

Later in life Irene took up cooking and Horse riding; she competed in Master Chef when she appeared on TV whilst cooking for Scotland.  Those were but a few of Irene’s many talents which she enjoyed doing and gave paramount pleasure to countless recipients.

It was in 2009, the year I retired, that through no fault of her own, Irene was involved in a serious motoring accident which rendered her to a wheel chair for the remainder of her life.  In my mind there is no shadow of doubt, that it was downhill for Irene from then on, she could no longer do the things she loved doing, and suffered a lot of pain trying to do so, and so consequently, although not necessarily noticeable to the outside world, I personally believe she gave up the will to live!

After a very brief illness, I am, and always will be extremely grateful to the professionalism of the consultants and staff at Raigmore hospital Inverness, for their relentless, determent and kindly effort to save Irene, but it was not to be, and, sadly on February the 13th 2017 Irene’s passing came as a truly shocking, devastating and cruel blow, which my family and I will carry with us for ever.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the many people that have sent my family and I, letters and cards of sympathy.

I hear that fish are beginning to run the northern rivers now, I do hope the season improves from here on, for all of us.