The 11’6″ Oykel Salmon Rod – Limited Edition 1/100

The 11’6″ Oykel

After successfully having a 9′ and a 14’6″ Salmon rod made to my specification by Bruce and Walker for retailing to the public, by popular demand, many anglers have suggested that the introduction of an in-between size rod would be a benefit to angler’s in general.  With this in mind it has given me a lot of pleasure to spend my time, and give attention to, the detail of such a rod.

There is little doubt in my mind that the quality of carbon fibre has improved out of all recognition since the first carbon fibre rod was made, it is for this reason that very often I find myself using a rod that is much too long and over powered for the job I am doing.  So my view now is, why not take advantage of modern technology and size down to the 11’6″ Oykel which is capable of achieving amazing results with the use of best quality, High Modulous and High Density carbon fibre.  After putting the 11’6″ through some rigorous testing, against some other well known brands, the Oykel performed in a way that I would find difficult, if not impossible, to surpass with any other rod.

Bruce and Walker are based at Upwood, Cambridgeshire, England, UK.  They have been rolling and making carbon blanks for their rods for many decades.  Their experience and rod making skill is paramount worldwide.  I have used Bruce and Walker since they began producing rods several decades ago and have always found them superior to any other rod on the market.  (Rod making like any other skill can only be perfected to such a high degree with experience)  This is why I commission them to make rods for me, and why I feel entirely comfortable that the rods carry my name; like the 11’6″ Oykel.  Their quality of workmanship would be difficult, if not impossible, to surpass anywhere in the world.

The Oykel 11’6″ will handle all lines, floating, sinking or intermediate.  Although it is rated for #7-8 lines, my personal experience is that it copes well with quite a variation of line sizes; however it was always my intention that it should be, and is, particularly suited to a floating line.

The rod performs overhead, Spey and roll casts with very little effort.  One of my pre-requisites in a rod is to have a forgiving, all through action, right down to the butt.  This allows the rod to do the work and to generate power with a minimum of effort from the angler.  An important attribute for people that have reached senior citizenship, like me.  Bruce and Walker have achieved this with the use of high quality, special carbons.  They have constructed another truly unique salmon rod, which reflects exactly what I had in mind, given my experience of fishing many salmon rivers in Canada and the UK, and in particular the Oykel.

The 11-6 Oykel.

The 11-6″ Oykel.

The 11’6″ Oykel


  • Three sections.
  • All cork handle with 2 comfortable grip positions.
  • Black metal reel fitting.
  • Hard crome snake rings and 2 butt stripper rings.
  • Colour: Gold with tan whipping and gold tipping.
  • Butt composite rubber end cork.
  • Weight: 8 Oz’s approximately.
  • Rods are made to order.  Please allow approximately 6 weeks for delivery.

Price: £678.00  P&P in UK £20.

Please send cheque for £50 deposit with your order, payable to Oykel Salmon Flies and Tackle.


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