Salmon fly fishing is a most enjoyable sport. Inevitably luck often contributes a considerable amount to the success or otherwise of a day’s fishing. However certain skills are also an important factor.

During my career I have often witnessed complete beginners having excellent sport during their very first week’s fishing. This is certainly one of the most pleasing aspects of salmon fishing – seeing a complete novice catching more fish in a week’s fishing than anyone else in the party.

However, this can easily give a false sense of confidence to someone just embarking on an angling career; naturally he or she can feel slightly smug about landing greater numbers than the more experienced members of the party. Indeed in these circumstances it is easy for someone to come to the conclusion that there is not much to learn regarding the skills involved in our sport, and therefore feel that they are now competent enough to take up a fishing career without taking the trouble to learn and perfect a range of techniques.

Sadly on all too many occasions I have come across anglers, who years after those few days of glory, have never been able to repeat anything like the amount of success they enjoyed in that first week. By failing to take some professional tuition, they have failed to fulfil their potential during much of their fishing career; they have simply never acquired the skills and competence that are necessary to enable them to enjoy our sport to the full.

OSFT offers tuition to anglers at all stages of their fishing careers, at a venue of their own choice (within Scotland) or on part of the famous river Oykel that we have access to. The type of tuition can be tailored to the needs of the individual angler as required; alternatively we are happy to provide tuition which we consider appropriate having assessed the individual’s level of competence.

Tuition is available on an hourly or daily basis (maximum of 3 days at a time).A maximum of 3 people may receive tuition at any one time. Costs are One/First angler @ £30 per hour or £200 per day, Second angler @ £20 per hour or £100 per day, and Third angler @ £10 per hour or £50 per day.

hourly cost daily cost
One/First angler @ £30 per hour £200 per day
Second angler @ £20 per hour £100 per day
Third angler @ £10 per hour £50 per day

Some Sundays during the current season are available for those who may wish to have a casting clinic for an hour or two before they embark on their weeks fishing in the highlands;  It just helps to iron out any creases that may have crept in over the cold winter period and gets you ready for a good start on Monday morning, instead of possibly using that valuable fishing time to get back into the swing of things.

RegardsGeorge R Ross.